Monday, 24 January 2011

Mission Statement!

Simply put I'm a big manga fan and read all kinds of bits and bobs, and sometimes I get the urge to talk a little about the cool things I bump into. Nothing deep or meaningful most likely, but more a 'look at this - IT'S AWESOME!' kind of critique.

It doesn't have to be an amazing or life-changing work, but if its entertaining or notable despite being rubbish then it'll probably be something I want to check out. There will probably be a general skew towards more alternate/OTT titles, more classic titles as well, but I'll mainly just play it by ear.

Manga's the real focus of the blog, but it shouldn't be a surprise if I venture into the world of anime, video games or anything else that takes my fancy. As a side note I'm not into scanlations or fansubs at all, so everything I'll be working with is legit (which makes things more fun if you're hunting for an obscure title).

This is a casual thing, so no updates for lengthy peiods isn't unexpected. Let's just have some fun! ^_^

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