Friday, 4 February 2011

What's Michael?

A bit of an old classic this. Cat lovers unite!
Michael is a cat like any other, but as any owner knows their cat is like no other. Each 6-page self-contained chapter puts Michael in a different setting, with new owners and perhaps the ability of being able to speak to fellow animals, and just some good clean fun. Life of everyday situations such as cat fights and clawing up the furniture are covered well alongside more unusual activities such as playing baseball or having a judo match. It's a mixed bag of content, but the consistently silly sense of humour allows it to all blend together.
The best thing about the series is how well observed the humour is. Mannerisms such as how cats tuck their paws in when sitting down as well as their natural pride no matter how stupid they're acting are recognizably portrayed. Even funnier are the human characters where the true-to-life depictions of the allergics, the lovers, the haters, and those who simply care for the cats far too much are totally identifiable.
Sadly these books appear to be mostly out of print. I did hear a rumour a while back that Dark Horse were considering printing compiled volumes, but there's nothing forthcoming for the moment. Get them!


  1. Grr it ate my post ¬_¬

    Anyway I was saying I really should read some of this! But yeah, heard it was out of print and haven't had the time/energy yet to try and hunt some out :S

  2. If you see any going cheap, I'd say grab them. There's no sequential plot, so it doesn't really matter what order you get them in. ^_^

    I need to get more as well. Haven't even got volume 1! XD