Friday, 18 March 2011

Okami - Official Complete Works

Its not manga, nor is it anime, so this one comes under other cool stuff as described by the blogs subtitle. ^_^

What with Okamiden coming out on DS right about now, it seemed a good idea to look back at its roots with this fantastic book. Adopting a style that referred heavily to traditional Japanese painting, Okami first came out on the PS2 that put you in the position of a white wolf named Amaterasu, the Goddess of the sun, on an adventure to revive Nippon and defeat the demon Orochi. Exploring in a Zelda-esque manner Okami was unique in that it set its game as though playing out on a scroll, and on it players could use the powers of a Celestial Brush to paint in and interact with the game world.

In large format and almost 300 pages, the Okami artbook is a sturdy tome. It starts out with illustrations and summaries of all the main cast, and then goes off to explore the demon designs, concept artwork and then more detailed illustrations toward the end. The majority of art employs lush brush pen work and coloured with marker pens. More obvious use of digital techniques are apparent, but this rarely detracts from the general organic style of the artwork. Basically anyone familiar with at least the box art of the main game will know what kind of work to expect. The games damn pretty, and in kind so is this book.

This is obviously a niche title that is only of real appeal to pre-established fans of the game, but if it tempts you its not one to hang around for. This book sells out quickly with prices soaring in between print runs - get it or regret it.

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