Monday, 14 November 2011


I’ve become somewhat jaded by anime over the last few years as my cynicism has got the best of me and am avoiding an increasingly larger number of shows. Whenever I look up a new series it’s either some school-based slice-of-life comedy or a moe-driven action series. Such series are more often that not buried under layer upon layer of effects filters with a distinct lack of experimentation, genuine creativity or indeed actual animation going on to help grab my interest. Redline however reminds me of why I got started with anime in the first place.

The story’s simple: Humans, aliens, mutants and cyborgs drive to the finishing line in an anything-goes race known as the Redline. Occurring on a randomly chosen planet, the new host is a heavily militarised society and doesn’t take kindly to this unwanted invasion. Regardless, the race goes on and the army invades. Big action, bigger explosions and enough character interest tide you through a crazy 100-odd minutes. Yeah, this’ll do nicely…

If there had to be one reason to see Redline it would be simply because it’s different. Unlike many anime where all the characters would look the same if you removed their hair, Redline’s designs are varied or indeed, actually designed. The animation is slick with nary a still or slow panning shot in sight. Few corners have been cut in making this one - this is pure unapologetic animation. It doesn’t aim for perfection, but for fun. Anyone picking holes in the plot is pretty much missing the point of the entire exercise…

So yeah back to the cynicism. Redline is different, and brilliantly so, which most likely means it will fail to captivate the modern otaku who look to anime for a gentle escape as opposed to an aggressive blast of imagination. Regardless, it’s heartening to know there are still creators out there producing work that feels as though it wanted to get made as opposed to just pander to predetermined audience.

Get it, or get out.


  1. I still haven't seen this!

    Have you read the interview with Katsuhito Ishii on Manga UK?

  2. I hadn't seen tnat before - thanks for putting the link up! :-)