Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mysterious Cities of Gold - Season 2

For those unfamiliar, The Mysterious Cities of Gold was a French/Japanese collaboration from the 80s about 3 children who adventure around the world to discover the seven cities of gold.  That's an extremely basic summary, but all that need be told is that it was a solid cartoon that didn't shove a constant stream of moral messages down your throat.  It was made to tell a story, not to promote a franchise, and it was GOOD!  Many people of a certain age remember it fondly, and were rewarded with a DVD release a few years ago that proved to cynics that rose-tinted glasses were not actually a requirement to enjoy it.  It's a worthy addition to any fan's library.

There is now more to the tale.  After a 30-year absence, the series is back!  It's not even a reboot like many other revived shows, but a proper continuation of the story with several of the original staff returning to finish what they started.  Production has shifted away from Japan to now be made entirely in France, with the characters being computer generated as opposed to hand-drawn.  It's a little different which will undoubtedly offend purists, but the designs are consistent with the original the sense of adventure in exploring an unknown world is retained.  Happy bunnies all round then.

It's still very early days though, with only the premier episode so far having been shown on French television, and the rest to be shown at a later date.  To my knowledge there has been no news on whether or not it will be translated into English either which is a real shame.  Its track record from the original series is a good one, but I think the obstacle here is if anyone would be willing to showing just the second part to a story to an audience who doesn't know the backstory.  I'd also doubt anyone would be willing to throw 39 episodes of the aged 1st season on air to promote the new stuff either... although I'd love to be proven wrong.

The future of the series in English-speaking territories is unclear, but otherwise we are promised 3 new 26-episode series from this current run, in addition to the vaguest rumours of a film also being in the works. (The rumours are so vague that no one seems to know if it's animated or live action, so don't hold your breath)  I have seen the first episode without subtitles, and while my French is pretty bad/mauvais it's was still fun to watch.  Definitely keeping an eye on this one.

The intro is still awesome too.

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