Saturday, 2 February 2013

Street Fighter v. Red Hawk

Street Fighter II: The Movie.  It's a rubbish title for a film to be honest, but as good an anime as you could hope for if you were a fan of the video games.  Made in 1994, it has a simplt plot that is sufficient enough to keep you interested n the action, and the action itself is properly choreographed and suitably punchy.  It's a personal favourite from the 16-bit days.

A year passes...

Hitting cinemas in South Korea in 1995 was a film called Red Hawk, a homemade animated film about a superhero who goes round beating up generic bad guys while in search of his missing brother.  It's not a great film truth be told.  While a lot of effort has been put into animating the near-constant stream of martial arts action, the plot is a shocker, characters flat and despite the fair quality of the art it is curiously missing any kind of charm.

Korea is well known for its animation production, with both America and Japan frequently farming work out to be completed there, but it is less known for its own product.  Red Hawk is something of a forgettable curio were if not for the fact of a fight in the middle of the film that bears a striking resemblance to the opening fight from the Street Fighter movie.

I'm not pointing any fingers here, but there's definitely something between the two, and its even more obvious in motion.  I'd have taken more pictures of proof if Red Hawk didn't look so awful on Manga's budget release of it.  Take a look and decide for yourself...



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