Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ronal the Barbarian

Ronal is the only weakling in a tribe of Barbarians.  They haven’t been invaded for years simply because no one is stupid enough to try.  Inevitably though the bad guys do arrive everyone bar Ronal is captured, so it is up to him to rescue everyone, find love and save the day.  You know, that kind of thing, until the point where Ronal’s invisible potion runs out before he can cover his balls…

Ronal the Barbarian is a Dutch-made film from the makers of Terkel in Trouble that parodies pretty much every fantasy film you could care to mention.  The barbarians are self-absorbed meatheads, the amazons are crazy nymphos and the bad guys are more than a little bit kinky.  The clichéd plot and shallow characters serve the film’s parody nature, and is a juvenile giggle throughout.  Also in its favour is that it’s one of the nicest looking CG films coming from outside of America.  It’s no masterpiece, but a bit of rude fun and requires next to no brain power.

It’s unavailable in the English speaking market, but is widely available on DVD from other countries and many of them include the English dub (I have a French copy for example).

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